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I had not remembered how thoroughly entertaining this show is and how many of the songs are so very well known. It is also a great dancing musical and T.J and Gabriele did a fantastic job on that front. All of the dances were beautifully choreographed and strongly performed by, not only the dancers but the company in general. 

The stage was set quite simply, the dressing room style lights around the stage were effective and having Robert Wickes and his band on stage worked really well. There were one or two occasions when it was a little difficult to hear the underscored dialogue but other than that they played the overture – with the snatches of the wonderful Gershwin tunes to come – and accompanied the soloists, commendably. 

Costumes were super! The day dresses, evening dresses and the men’s costumes were all correct for the era and the finale was most striking with the dark blue and gold colour co-ordinated costumes. 

The only negative point is that both Bobby’s and Zangler’s trousers were much too long – they would have worn braces and shorter trousers at that time. There was a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ too when Bobby’s trousers split at the top of his right leg. I know that he was on stage most of the time but perhaps a ‘fill in’ could have happened as he really needed to change them – the audience found it very distracting, especially when he was dancing. However Phil Couch did not let it affect his performance and full marks for that. He made a likeable character and was believable as Bobby Childs, a young man desperate to get into show business but thwarted by his dominating mother and his number with The Follies at the start, ‘I Can’t be Bothered Now’ was particularly good. 

Maggie Dean was impressively regal in that role. She does such parts very well. 

As Polly Baker, Georgia Parsons was first rate. Her strength was in the more tender songs -‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ was particularly good and she acted it out so sincerely. 

Her father, Everett, was safe in Mike’s hands and the laid back persona of the character suited him well. 

I really enjoyed Amanda’s Irene Roth. She sang ‘Naughty Baby’ saucily and she looked amazing! 

Bella Zangler is a great character to play and Jakub Bednor, in his first principal role, made the most of it. His accent was not always consistent (perhaps he should have just spoken in his own accent?) but because of the comedy in the part it didn’t matter too much. 

Eddie did well as the rather stroppy Lank Hawkins – there were a couple of missed cues I think but nicely covered. 

‘Bidin My Time’ sung by Adam Parsons (Moose) Kaidyn Hinds (Mingo) and James Dorrington (Sam) was super, and the three men could move well too. 

Connie and Aileen almost stole the show as Eugenie and Patricia Fodor (strange surname for such stereotyped Brits !) and although I imagine some people may have thought their involvement detracted from others on the stage, I loved it. 

‘What Causes That?’ was well done with the two men mirroring each other’s actions, and the Zangler Follies were excellent. 

The various small parts taken by the company added to the production and the whole came across as a company show. All the cast appeared to be enjoying their involvement in this high octane and amusing musical. 

Although there were only three men in the chorus it didn’t matter one jot. It’s a musical that’s top heavy on ladies anyway, and the three men held their own admirably. 

Hair styles complemented the costumes and properties were good too– I noted the old Ewbank carpet sweeper! 

Your programme is an unusual shape and nicely presented and with only eight pages is easy to negotiate whilst containing all the necessary information. 

‘Crazy for You’ was bursting with energy and was well-staged by the production team and the cast. Together they provided a feel good, glitzy musical and I’m quite sure that the audience went away on a high! 

Thank you for inviting me to see the show and thanks also to Elizabeth for her hospitality on the evening. 

I wish you all at Hatton Musical Theatre Society a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2019. 

E. Gloria Smith 

N.O.D.A. South East Regional Representative – District 12