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‘10/10’ – APRIL 2013


A compilation show provides fun and entertainment for both the cast and for the audience. Those taking part have much more involvement than they would in a book show whilst the audience enjoy a wide variety of songs. There were one or two that I hadn’t heard before, many that haven’t been ‘done to death’, and some more popular ones. I thought it a well-chosen programme.


It was good to see Fiona in the pit and she controlled the trio expertly with only one number which from time to time overpowered the singers and that was ‘One Short Day’. Both Lucy and Sarah have lovely voices.


Amanda and Maggie made an excellent job of the direction and the rostra/steps were used with imagination for the groupings.


Tina Turner’s choreography was good in the dance numbers and the general movement, and it was apparent that the cast were well rehearsed in all aspects of the production.


The basic black with extra pieces of costume worked well and the show was visually attractive. There were plenty of added touches; green accessories were super, I liked the Wellies, the bright tee shirts and of course the brilliant birds!


I was held up at the level crossing so missed the first number but ‘Razzle Dazzle’ was great. I don’t believe I’ve heard it sung better. Fantastic dynamics and the movement was good.


Will sang ‘Any Dream Will Do’ very well. He’s young, and as he becomes more at ease on the stage he will certainly be an asset to the company.


‘Sweeney Todd’, such a difficult song, was extremely good and nicely staged.


Connie and Jakub gave a splendid rendition of ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ followed   by the completely contrasting song  ‘Tuppence a Bag’.


Using men on stage added visual interest to ‘Another Suitcase’ – beautifully sung by Connie.


‘What a Night’ was good, I’ve used that song in a compilation I devised and directed and it was SO hard not to sing along loudly!


‘Avenue Q’ I don’t know, but it was different and the expertly handled puppets captured the audience’s attention.


Lilly was cute leading the other children in ‘Consider Yourself’ and I’m not familiar with ‘Shrek’ but enjoyed it.


Maggie and Jakub brought out the comedy with their tongue in cheek performance of ‘It couldn’t please me more’ and Paula and Adele sung ‘Learning to be Silent’ really well. Props were good in that number too.


Well what can I say about Master of the House! It was super. Roy appeared completely at home in the role and I enjoyed hearing the whole number as usually in compilations it’s cut down considerably.


Act two’s opening number was good. The company movements were together and the use of the coloured masks was effective.


Mike and Donna made ‘All I ask of You’very special. It was beautifully sung.


‘Super Trouper’ again had folks clapping and the addition of the ‘flares’ gave the illusion of the real thing. It was another good number.


The coloured tee shirts and ribbons theme was attractive and Sian sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ prettily.


Two guitarists on stage for ‘Edelwiess’ along with the family group added interest to the presentation, and ‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails’ showed the dancers’ skills. Sarah seemed a little unsure and a confident smile would have made it less noticeable.


‘Spamalot’ provided comedy and Amanda and John put across ‘The Song That Goes Like This’ with obvious enjoyment. It was lovely to see them performing together.


‘Tell me it’s not True’ was superb. An inspired setting of the song and Aileen sang with such emotion that I had tears in my eyes. It was a real show-stopper.


‘Circle of Life’ was another company number that came across well with the group of lions being paid homage to by the others on stage. The choreography appeared fairly ‘busy’ but it worked.


Harriet is to be commended on her  accent. It’s not the easiest as it can wander off somewhere like Birmingham, but she was consistent throughout the song.


‘Summer Nights’ was lively and the setting was attractive.


I don’t know what to say about the ‘Hairspray’ song except that it was probably the wrong choice. I can’t imagine you wanted it to look like a number from a pantomime but I’m afraid it did. Mike’s frock gave that feeling, as did the wigs.  For me it was the only song in the show I didn’t really enjoy and I was both relieved and delighted when you ended on something really good — ‘Les Miserables’.